for our five species of current and historic wild felines: ocelots, jaguarundis, jaguars, mountain lions, and bobcats. Of particular concern is our mountain lion, also known as a cougar or puma. Here’s why:

The State of our Texas Mountain Lion

  • No protection/classified as nongame
  • No limit on hunting and trapping
  • No mandatory harvest reporting
  • No mandatory trap-check times
  • No population estimate
  • Yet classified as imperiled/threatened

Texas Native Cats is a coalition member of Texans for Mountain Lions, a group of landowners, biologists,  conservationists, and organizations that is working to improve the status and conservation of our state’s mountain lion.  

To learn more and find out how you can help our cat, please visit TexansforMountainLions.org.

“Wildlife belongs to everyone. Let’s ensure our mountain lion endures for future generations.”  Monica Morrison

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