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Bobcat Habitat Selection in the Working Lands of Southern Texas

August 21, 2022
5:15 – 6:30 PM



Southern Texas rangelands despite having low population densities of people are heavily altered for natural resource extraction and this in turn influences how animals perceive and respond to these alterations. In my research I study how bobcats select for habitat and how this selection may vary at different spatial scales

Our guest speaker is Aidan Branney, who is a master’s student at the Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute (CKWRI) at Texas A&M University Kingsville. He completed his bachelor’s in 2018 at Humboldt State University in Northern California and has worked for a variety of other research institutions and the National Park Service studying wildlife. He’s currently studying the role habitat management on ranches plays in the spatial ecology of bobcats and the occupancy patterns of the carnivore community. Besides bobcats, he has worked on research projects with coyotes, mountain lions, wolves, ocelots, black-footed jackals, and brown hyenas.

NOTE: Event is limited to 150 people. Send an email to **** info@texasnativecats.org **** for an invitation to this virtual event. Time is CDT.