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Protecting Wildlife from Rodent Poisons

February 20, 2022
5:15 – 6:30 PM

Little is known in Texas about the impacts of rodenticide (rat poison) on wildlife. Join us in February for our guest speaker presentation so we can learn from their experience.

Rodenticides are abundant throughout the ecosystem from residential and commercial usage, poisoning wildlife predator species including owls, hawks, foxes, bobcats, coyotes, and mountain lions at 80% to 90% exposure rates. Presenters Kian and Joel Schulman will discuss how this is unnecessary and describe alternative methods. Recent efforts to protect wildlife at the city, county, and state level will be presented.

Kian and Joel Schulman founded Poison Free Malibu in 2013 to work to stop the poisoning of wildlife. The effort started in Malibu, and spread to nearby cities and counties, and then statewide as a part of a coalition to pass state legislation restricting rat poisons. Kian is a registered nurse with a Masters in Nursing Science. Joel is a physicist in the aerospace industry.

NOTE: Event is limited to 150 people. Send an email to **** info@texasnativecats.org ****  for an invitation to this virtual event. Time is CST.