"Some people talk to animals. Not many listen though. That's the problem."

We hope this site helps you connect with these cats in some way, and that you’ll realize how amazing it is to have these animals in our midst. Go to south Texas and visit the home of the ocelot, and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to see one. Visit Big Bend where mountain lions thrive in the seemingly harsh conditions. Maybe you’ll see the ubiquitous bobcat, or at least learn that one lives nearby. And one day the jaguarundi will return.

Our Mission

To Educate

To provide education and outreach about wild felines that are native to the State of Texas, their history, characteristics, habitat, importance and future. Texas Native Cats gives these silent animals a voice.

To Champion

We speak up and convey the untold story of these cats and their struggle to survive.

To Balance

We seek to promote the balance that predators provide in nature as well as to accept that balance also means different viewpoints about the role of predators.

Who We Are

Texas Native Cats, a Texas nonprofit corporation, is an organization based in Dallas that consists of volunteers, master naturalists, and others interested in acquainting Texans with our cat species. Established by Monica Morrison, the group makes presentations in the DFW area, with plans to expand to Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and other locations in the near future. The goal is to expand educational outreach to the major metropolitan areas of the state and, ultimately, to improve the lives of these beautiful but threatened Texas felines.